Physical memory dump error

Got a Physical memory dump error. System crashed. Just shut off
with no warning and restarted. This error came up.
It happened a few times, as I was burning a 700mb CD-R. Perhaps
the cause is going over 700mb limit? I am using BurnAware free.

link to screen cap is:

You should not get an error like this unless something is wrong. What are the Specs of your computer, and Model name. Sounds like not enough Memory or it’s incompatible. Hardware problems. :cool:

Do you have the same problem while operating in Windows Safe Mode?

Have you tried the action on a different computer? Recently I had a memory dump crash caused by vLite during creation of a Win7 ISO on a system with VIA chipset, but vLite ran to completion with no problems on another PC with a different chipset. I suspect some programs can cause problems with certain chipsets but have no explanation of why or how to eliminate such problems.

try change the memory