Physical drive buffer emptying out before ultrabuffer


I’m using Nero Burning Rom EE under Win XP on a Dell Inspiron 1100 notebook with a 2.6GHz P4, 640MB RAM, and Matsushita UJDA740 CDRW/DVD combo drive (24x/12x/24x).

Lately I’ve been having a problem where physicall drive buffer empties out during burning while the ultrabuffer (the read buffer) remains at around 95-98%. This leads to a failed burning session.

I used to be able to burn CD-Rs (audio and data) at 16x and 24x before without any problems. Now even at 8x I often run into this problem. Most of the time I have to burn at 4x to ensure successful burn. :sad:

I tried playing around with different sizes of the ultrabuffer - no difference.

I don’t know if this is a coincidence (probably not), but this all started happening when I replaced the original processor (2GHz Celeron) with the 2.6GHz P4. Now when the processor fan kicks into high gear, all my applications start running slower. This didn’t used to happen with the Celeron.

Another weird thing - when I look at the CPU usage (under Task Manager) during let’s say an 8x burning session, it shows CPU usage at around 20-30%, but when I look at the “Processes” tab, there aren’t any processes there that take up so much juice, and System Idle Processes show at around 95% level. :confused:

Someone earlier suggested anti-virus software as the culprit, but I’ve been using the same version of McAfee since day one, and it never used to cause any problems. Even if I shut off McAfee, I still run into the same problem.

So, anyone has any ideas what’s going on here?

Thanks a lot for the help and for reading this longish post. :bow:


Well, it turned out my CD-RW drive switched into PIO mode instead of DMA 2 mode. It’s working fine again.

So, that’s just FYI in case anyone else runs into this problem.


Thanks for the update.