Php adframe popping up over and over

each page i open in the forum is launching an opening adframe.phpdialog in firefox.

can you pretty please stop it?

just put the offending address in your host file ???.???
Spend alot of time talking to itself

It is possible to do an, but if you’re using Firefox please enable the error pages setting (which is enabled by default with 1.5+) or you’ll end up with lots of message boxes.

This is strange as the file should not be downloaded but executed by the server. Given the fact that there are no other reports this could either be a temporarily problem or something with your computer? Please report back if it has been solved.

I have had this a few times… i havent’ said anything because if i clicked cancel it would just go away

(it only happens when i use search)

still happening on each page in the forums and also on the cdfreaks homepage. it is freaking annoying.

i really do not want to blackhole the ads if cdfreaks gets anything for showing them

<iframe id=‘a0c489a6’ name=‘a0c489a6’ src=‘’ framespacing=‘0’ frameborder=‘no’ scrolling=‘no’ width=‘120’ height=‘600’><a href=‘’ target=’_blank’><img src=‘’ border=‘0’ alt=’’></a></iframe>

thats the code for the adbox on the right side when my pc tries to render it with opera.
can you post what “view source” shows on firefox when that happens to you? it rendered properly in firefox for me as well. (version 1.0.7)

i am gone until this is fixed. it sux. :frowning:

<iframe id=‘a3deef9d’ name=‘a3deef9d’ src=‘’ framespacing=‘0’ frameborder=‘no’ scrolling=‘no’ width=‘728’ height=‘90’ allowtransparency=‘true’><a href=‘’ target=’_blank’><img src=‘’ border=‘0’ alt=’’></a></iframe>

showthread.txt (74.5 KB)

I am also interested what the file you can download contains. It’s strange that we have only a really small amount of users reporting this while others have no problem at all, this gives me the feeling that it’s not on our side, but I have no clue what could cause it on your side.

i don’t know if this helps or confuses things more, but I remember that happening to me about 6 months ago. It only happened for about a day then it resolved itself so I never said/did anything about it.

it is a zero byte file

That’s even stranger, as the server should have either sent the entire code or the output of the file. What does IE do?

@ cnlson
You’re installation of Firefox is fubar(ed) :wink:
Do a complete uninstall and remove the Firefox directory in C:\Documents and Settings\User ID\Application Data\Mozilla Firefox

Keep in mind all your bookmarks will be removed including your extensions so you might want to take a not on what extensions you have installed (I’d suggest that you try this site without installing any at all first though).

ie5.01 (windows 2k) does nothing.

i restored to a time prior to this but no luck. i have daily backups for a reason :). perhaps if i have time i will think about a reinstall. since it is one site only not really sure if that would be called for.

OK this is bizzare… i had blackholed back aways shortly after it was noted in this thread… after thinking about the 0 byte file i thought perhaps i should remove that from the hosts file. after doing so, i no longer have the download window coming up and my guess is that by blackholing it i was prolonging the problem.

DOMI, ckin2001,
my guess is that you have an intermittant problem and unless someone is stupid and blocking the ads it will be a short lived one for them

Doing mapping via hosts file is far from a good way of doing it, use a plugin instead.

i have the same issue. the popup pop up every now and then (not every page load) but it’s going on like this a few weeks. (i just got fed up with it now and searched the forum found this topic).
i’m not sure the preceeding posts, is there a work-about ?

Users of True internet in Bangkok are getting this on many sites. Something about ISP, DNS and google analytics I think.

I got 3 computers, only one windows, the other 2 with different distros of linux. and happens on them all. I blocked or whatever the link is now, in firewall.

dont know if it is the same thing, but same php file anyways.