Photosuite 3 compatibility with Vista



Hey guys. For the heck of it I tried to load an old (98) Photosuite 3 on my new HP with Vista and am getting errors not allowing me to even use the program at all. Has anyone out there fixed this problem or know how to make this program work with Vista? :frowning:


I have the same problem as Philrz28. I don’t really want to purchase a newer version of Photosuite III if I don’t have to. HELP.


I have a cure… I too couldnt get my photo suite to work with vista.

Here’s the fix----First install photo suite. Then go to the folder and share it with everyone. Dont open photo suite yet.

Next - open explorer and let a page load. Then click ‘save as’ under file, browse to the ‘common’ folder under photo suite in programs. Make sure your browsing for html files…you’ll see the files appear (root, log, history etc…). Instead of saving the file, just right click on each file that appears and delete each. The files will be replaced next time you start Photo suite. Once you deleted the files, click the X to exit. Restart Photo suite, it’ll work…