Can someone help me
Ive just started using a microsoft program Photostory 3 to put digital photos and music onto CDs Only problem is I can only play them on my computer
My DVD player wont recognize them
Am I missing something fundamental Do I need to convert the files or something

Hi Greg, and welcome.

I´ve never used Photostory,

  1. does it say the cd will play in a stand-alone player?

  2. are you sure your stand-alone can play such cds? (not all can)

Look up the specs for your dvd player at and you will see what formats it is capable of playing.

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You need additional software to encode it to DVD or VCD - maybe your burning software or something else can convert the WMV.

Thanks all for your help
I might look for some software that will do the same job as photostory but creates someting that can be played on the dvd without having to convert files
Any suggestions
Thanks again

Photostory is a very good program but when burning to a DVD you will need to convert it to DVD format, either within the burner or using third party software

Have a look here:

It says that creating DVD is just 2 clicks away