Photostory 3 error



Hi, I’ve been using photostory for a long time, but after having my pc
reformatted, I get this error everytime I try to finish my story or convert to .wmv.

It is saying i may not have enough disk space or i may have to reinstall
photostory or windows media player.

I am sure I have ample free space, and I have reisntalled photostory
and windows media player but still unsuccessful.

Help, anyone?


Check the manufacturer website to ensure your version of Photo Story 3 is compatible with the OS and Service Packs that you have installed.


Hi Dogg, thanks for the reply!

I am sure they are compatible (hmmm… am I, now?), because I was able to complete a project last month (November). My pc crashed and was reformatted recently - the culprit must be here, somewhere!

By the way, I tried using a different desktop - also tried using my sister’s laptop. I had to download the software both times – and tried to complete my story there - got the same error.

Are you [or anyone there?] aware of anyone experiencing the same issue? I am soooo disappointed because the story is meant to be a Christmas present!

ANY OTHER SOFTWARE YOU CAN SUGGEST? a freeware please… with the same features as photostory, I HOPE! I particularly like to have the pan/zoom feature and the ability to use my own background music.

Thanks again, and happy new year!


According to the requirements ( ) you need WMP 10. Also, they don’t specifically list support for SP3. I’d suggest contacting MS.