Photoshopping Wizards

To all you photoshopping wizards: this is a request for help with an image. I work at a photolab in walmart and this couple came in with a cd of images to print. It turns out that their baby son died and they need the pictures for his funeral. They said, that this was their favorite picture of them and their son.

As you can see, there is some sort of streaking effect through the picture that is very annoying and ruins, what is to them, a perfect picture.

So I took it upon myself to see what could be done to this photo to make it good. The software in the 1 hour photo lab is el crapo. I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this picture. It would mean soooo much to this poor couple if anyone could help.

I would also like to keep this image in as high a resolution and quality as it is right now. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it, as well as the couple. Thank you :bow:

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, I’m working on it as well.

Any luck? I’m having a terrible time, cloning or healing, neither seem to work :confused: :sad:

Same here…try to lasso selections in sections, then adjust the brightness/contrast on that area, it is tedious, but I had a some luck with that, also try to despeckle the areas and see what that does.

Thanks for the tip, working on it now, seems to help.

Good Luck!

WEll I’m not that much of a wizard (when it comes to Photoshop :p), but if you still need help, PM me. I think I know someone that can do this for you (free of charge of course).

Well I’m having some luck now. I figured out that for the clome stamp tool to work well, I need to define a new source point each time. This has brought a lot of success. Hair is tricky too, but I’m almost to working on the guys face, that’s gonna be fun… Also, on some areas I did some sharpening before the clone stmap, which cleared it up a bit.

Ok, here is what I came up with:


This was the best I was able to do, I hope they like it.



I’m not finished yet… But Maybe you can doe de last part yourself…

When do you need the picture by? I am not an expert at fixing photos, but I have a friend that does this daily. If you can wait for a couple of hours, I will send it over to him. (

Sorry link failed… can’t edit my post anymore…

Thanks for the help marsz, I will take your and my version to work and see what they think, I think yours looks a lot better, lol. Anyway thanks for the help everyone. I’m no expert but at least I’m trying :slight_smile: Ok, gotta go to work now, thanks again.