Photoshop templates for CANON PIXMA5200i


I’d like to know if anybody has a template to create my own design. If not, what program do you recommend me? i will print glossy verbatim dvds. :wink:

I have one canon PIXMA5200.


anybody knows where to find any psd templates?

It’s really not clear what you are looking for. The Canon CD-Labelprint software is really all you need for designing a label. But you can create and use any image you like in PS and use it on a disc.

Hi I have a Canon ip4300. I use photoshop to. Have you read this tread >>>

It really helped me out. I think it may be what your after, or a step in the right direction at least.

thanks :slight_smile:

Okay everybody, I want a good program to Photoshop anime (for example: changing colors of the picture) which program would be the best? Someone told me that Adobe Photoshop works is that true? If so which one should I purchase? What other Photoshop programs work? I kind of want it a little cheap too but I guess it could be kind of expensive as well.