Photoshop making a certain colour transparent

HI Guys,

I am trying to sell a few items on e-bay and I have taken photos of those items with my digi-camera.

I took the pictures on a yellow background and was wonder if there was any way in Photoshop that I could change that yellow background to say white or even to a transparent background.

I am a bit of a noob at PS and still learning I would really appreciate some help with this. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes. Go to File > New and put the background as transparent, and the proportions as the same as the original image.

Using the “Rectangular Marquee Tool”, select the whole original image, copy it, and paste it into the “new” image (blank one with a transparent background).

Use the magic wand, and select the yellow background. Make sure nothing but “Contiguous” is ticked. Adjust the “Tolerence” setting to however much needed, until most of the yellow is selected. Then, hit the delete button. If it doesn’t show grey and white squares where the yellow was, then you have done something wrong or I haven’t explained it good enough.

Go to File > Save As and select it as a “CompuServe GIF”, or a “PNG”. I’m sure the former preserves the transparency, but I’m not sure about the latter.

When doing the settings, set the colours to how you want

Thank you theone1_ for your reply, I shall do what you said and see how I go, if I have any problems I hope I can ask you where I went wrong, hopefully I will be able to do it without probs your instructions seem clear enough.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

You should also be able to select colors that need to become transparent. But you should only do this if you know for sure that the color you are making transparent is only present in the background, not in other parts of the pic.

You would have to change file mode to ‘indexed color’. Then go to color table and you should be able to select colors you want to become transparent…

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t say that way (in case other parts are that colour). Plus, doing it the way I said is more of a WYSIWYG way. You know what you’re making transparent, and can be more accurate or not if needed.

Thanks for the helpful tip. I was having problems with this other day. Problem now solved. :slight_smile: