Photoshop Help Needed

I’m in need of some help with some photoshop if someone could so kindly help.

Here is the story.

My aunt is getting home movies back from 60’s to present and has brought them all to me. She asked if I could covert them to dvd and work some magic with some editing. My aunt of 1 of 12 brothers and sisters and plans on distribute them to the family. Im pretty much done with the video except for burning and printing to the dvd.

But I woke up this morning and had the idea to make a dvd cover so I run to the fry’s to buy the case with the clear plastic for the covers to slide into.

My problem is the person I know that can help me I called and they said yes but now they are not home and not able to get to it right away.

For those that got the skills I would be willing to send depending on how much send some cash via paypal.

Here is what I am looking for or trying to do. Pretty much all I need done is the art work. All the Text to be added I can do but I really blow at CS2 or anything similar when it comes to using the lasso and etc.

Attached is a copy of a dvd cover. Its Charlie Brown but I don’t need it that theme, just using it as an example. I am just going for a Christmas theme but with a small hint of a some fun and craziness if that makes sense. But I do need a specific image photo shopped into it. A while back Some one had a shirt made up for the entire family and used what has become somewhat the family mascot.

Anyways here is the dvd cover just as an template and the logo/mascot

For more info please post or PM me.

Thanks for any help

I don’t use Photoshop so it might not be much help, I only use Gimpbut if i was doing it, I would remove the back ground and then you can resize it to what ever size you wanted and added to your cover as a layer. I don’t know if photoshop has tools to do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply coathi.

What I’m wanting to do use use one layer as the back ground. And the lasso and image and paste it onto the back ground and maybe add a Santa hat on the cat. Might even add a Parental Guidance just to add a bit of humor. I know photoshop does it but I just suck at it :doh:

im not really sure what exactly you need doing, sorry im really tired and i probably havnt read the information very well.

something like this? (needs rendering better etc, but you get the idea)

if you like i could discuss this with you tomorow morning (about to go to sleep)


Hello Ben. Yes you are on the right path.

If you got time and you dont mind helping I can make it worth your while if needed.

Im trying to get that cat into a similar background as the Charlie Brown cover with all the Charlie Brown or Snoopy stuff removed. It dont need to be this specific cover. The writing on the back needs to be removed so I can add my own and etc. Maybe the same pic on the back just alot smaller.

But there are a million idea but it just needs to be something simple so I can add the fonts and etc myself.

Thanks a million :clap:

Hit me up when you got the time.


Its morning here now. So if you want, drop me an email or reply.

email is bcn[underscore]246[at]hotmail[dot]com