Photoshop Errors?

Hi, i didnt know where else to post this, but my photoshop 7 is acting REALLY wierd lately… and i was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone has any suggestions…

a couple things have happened so i’ll list them…

  1. im working on a project and i open an old file to use some of the layers and it freezes up (and i cant close PS even with task manager - have to hit the reboot button on my tower)
  2. I reopen that file again, and it tells me its corrupt (ok, sucks, but i can deal with it), so i start working on another new completely different file and it freezes again
  3. now the newest thing is when im working on a file, and try to open the Hue/Saturation adjust is goes to my eye dropper tool, and the only way to get rid of it is to esc or hit return as if i were picking thru colors. i cant get to my hue/sat using the shortcut or menu, they both go right to my eye dropper

ive already uninstalled and reinstalled… but no dice…

any ideas?? thanks so much in advance… im working on a project for a company and its due this friday, so im running short on time… thanks

I think the only the way to fix it very sorry to say is Format C: you will find the problem is in Windows and by just reinstalling Photo Shop over and over again you are still stuck with the same problem. I had something similar when I used to use Photo Shop and after countless wasted hours trying to get Photo Shop to work I found the quickest solution was a window reinstallation every time it happend. Haven’t used Windows or Photo Shop for a long time but I don’t think any thing has changed.

I’d be wary of reformatting your hard drive without looking at options. Besides taking a seriously long time to restore all your programs and settings you may lose some vital files or information.
Talking about restore, have you tried to go back to a previous working restore point in XP if that’s what you have.
Is there enough memory, does your drive need defragging etc etc.
I have a clone image of my C drive and keep all my other files on a separate hard drive.
I know that this advice is late for you but when you’ve sorted it out it may help if there’s a disaster in the future.
Good luck and best wishes

well, im not about to format my computer just yet… that would be a last and final option if anything… i havent tried restoring to a previous point, but i will when i get home… that never seems to solve anything for me… i have plenty of free memory… 2 200gb HDs and 1 GB Ram… shouldnt be a problem… and i just defragged the other day… im assuming that didnt mess anything up… any other thoughts… thanks again

Just a thought ~ have you messed with the amount of page file memory. I have and this stopped Adobe running until I resorted to the old settings.

nope… i didnt change a thing… i just started using an old file i made before and now the program is f’d. i dont know what to do… so far the other adobes on my system are still cool… but we’ll see… this wouldnt have anything to do with running on a dual core would it? i wouldnt think it would… but wierder things have happened… thanks again

hey… thanks for the suggestions… but i figured it out… if anyone else has had this problem… i suggest try deleting the preferences file and starting a new one… simply hold down crtl + alt + shift and it will ask you to delete it… worked like a charm… thats actually fixed a couple different errors in PS for me… good deal… thanks

Glad to hear that you got your program back without a format and reinstall. :clap: I will try to remember this fix for the future.
It reminds me of a fault in word, if you load up the blank page template with macros so that it gets bloated, word will not start up at all but hang. You have to delete blank page template and reboot. Word makes a new blank page template but without your troublesome macro’s etc.