Photoshop 7 chiama casa?

bho…pare sia una hoax e sinceramente se leggete bene sembra davvero una mezza caxxata, ma al giorno d’oggi non si sa mai:

It was announced today by Adobe, Inc. that the upgrade to Photoshop 6.1 and Photoshop 7 added a special devices that ‘phones home’ the registration number and collected computer data to create a unique # (similar to what is found in Windows XP).
Obviously, this was a move to collect a list of its pirated software. Adobe has been compiling the list since the release of their free 6.1 upgrade last July. CNN reports that the list has been sent to the FBI, more here:
Adobe Systems, Inc, makers of the popular computer graphics program Photoshop, announced on Friday that they have compiled and submitted a list of more than 25,000 Internet Protocol (IP) addresses with duplicate serial numbers for versions six and seven of their product. A spokesman from Adobe says “We installed what is called a ‘callback’ on Photoshop to try and curb piracy. It essentially sends installation information to our servers upon first use.” The FBI plans to work with national and local Internet Service Providers (ISP) to find and convict those responsible.
The software is reported to only phone home once, during your idle period. It is speculated that users running UD Device’s cancer reasearch program will not be succeptable to the phoning home, because that takes up idle times. Then again, if you’re working towards a cure for cancer, you deserve to warez a program.

Beware pirates - Adobe doesn’t appear to be playing around anymore.


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