Photoshop 6.0.1

I just posted the article Photoshop 6.0.1.

The biggest and the best Graphics program just got updated. Mainly bug fixes but hopefully they’ll make quite a lot of difference, I just hope they’ve fixed it so that I dont always loose my irc…

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Great stuff, d/l now…

This is not news! This upgrade has been available for over a month! Posted on Adobe on 03/09/2001

Maybe it IS news to people who don’t check the Adobe site every 5 seconds. If you don’t have something nice to say…

checking date history Yeah ok nice to see it posted but then rewrite the article, saying ‘just got updated’ is a bit, uhm…odd as it got updated like over a month already

I’m “into” gfx and I didn’t know… thx for posting! :9 BTW, is anyone working on a worth alternative to it? I konw GIMP for linux is good… and I had seen some artists working to build a new software… :8

Fine! It’s been out for over a month. Big deal, get over it. It JUST notified me via the feature build into Photoshop that it was available and so I thought I’d post it for those of you that didn’t know. If your not helping to fix a problem then your a part of the problem. If your gonna complain that you’ve known about something for years and it’s old news then let us know about it when it’s new news so we can post it when it happens. Stop whining like bitches and help out!

This is news for those unaware of the 6.01 update… Good job CDF! :slight_smile: As the site name implies, CD Freaks’ primary focus is keeping the ppl abreast of info and issues related to the CD/DVD scene and not necessarily grafx or any other unrelated software. We all have several different types of software on our computers… So I consider it a ‘big plus’ that CDF provides this kind of info. I do, however, agree with Redneck about the terminology used (“program just got updated”) in the news post. I have seen posts from others commenting on dated (or late) news regarding product releases. You may want to consider using terms like ‘xyz product was recently updated’ and the like when you are unsure about the release date. Keep up the great work guys!

Yes, thanx for the posting !! It’s not so old news if you don’t constantly check the Adobe site for updates you moron. Nice Work Guyz :wink:

Funny! I thought one came to CDFreaks for the latest news. Obviously wrong about that. I will now expect only old news then.

to put it nice NAG NAG NAG :wink:

Well I use Photoshop 6 and didnt hear about the update until I read this news post, so its helped at least 1 person so thats good! :slight_smile: Obviously the poster only just heard too so why whine about it for fuks sake?!! :frowning:

Why all the bitchin’?? If you guys knew about this upgrade a month ago, why didn’t you let the rest of us know??

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Nila Good work. Was news to me :slight_smile: