Photos: save in Data or Image NERO7

Putting photo collection on DVD ( verbatim dvd+r , 1X - 8X ) using NERO 7.
Software seems to give me the option to store as " image " file , but when I try I get a notice that due to some mpeg laws I need to buy and download some kinda upgrade. I thought photos ( jpeg )were saved as DATA files ?
Any advice on best way to store photos on dvd discs ?

Marty ( voicelit )

Perhaps Nero is trying to save these image sequences as an MPEG video file, to make the whole slideshow more compatible with many DVD players. The codec required to do this often has a copyright attached, and the software is telling you that it’s necessary to pay for it.

If you choose the ‘DVD-ROM’ template in Nero Burning ROM, then you’ll be able to burn the JPEGs individually without needing this extra codec.

THANKS for the quick reply.

Any advice on settings for storing jpegs onto dvd+r . IS dvd-r actully better for this than dvd-r ?  I was told this at Best Buy .
 Select that you can rewrite or not rewrite , what's that called : closed session ?
  Have it verify or not ?

 Change the speed at which it writes, or let it do its' thing ?


Marty ( voicelit )

Presumably you mean ‘+R’ vs. ‘-R’…? These days, I don’t think it makes much difference, unless you want to show them on a legacy DVD recorder that is tied to a particular disc format.

'Nuff said… :rolleyes: Actually in reasonably well-controlled surveys, DVD-R is slightly more compatible but a lot of time has passed since then. It’s really whatever works best in your system (PC burner, DVD recorder etc).

I would not advise that you use multi-session on DVD. It just wasn’t designed for that purpose and there is the risk of losing all but the most recent session. CDs are fine for multisession, but not DVD.

Better still, download CD-DVD Speed and get a better idea of the burn quality by using the ‘Disc Quality’ scan facility. See the CD Freaks ‘Blank Media’ forum for more details of how this can help.

If you are using good quality discs (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden) then burn at the recommended speed, but for reduced errors you can slow the burn to 8x and above.

Give it a go, and let us know :wink: