PhotoDVD trouble, help please!


My PhotoDVD won’t burn. The log says “Burning error during write,” and “Write error at 32 code 06 29 00 unit attention, power on or bus device reset occured.”

Fresh reformat of XP Media Center (off) on my Sony Vaio VGC-RA820G with Sony burner DW-D22A, P4 3.2 with 1gb RAM. Grisoft AVG anti-virus is off.

I’ve tried TDK, HP, and Khyper DVD-R and +R media at 4x write speed. Please help, I give clients slide shows of their images.

Raul Campoverde

Try to uninstall\reinstall photoDVD and see if that fixes it…

Hi there,

Are you using this burner externally, connected via USB2 or Firewire ?

I’m searching the net right now, but did not find nothing solid to try just yet !

I assume you have all the latest Service Packs and Windows Updates on there ?;en-us;820759

Will it also occur if you try to burn at 2x ?
I always suggest burning at the lowest speed when trying to troubleshoot a problem !

Several things I have read are talking about IRQ conflicts if you are using a SCSI Card (PCMCIA Maybe ?)