PhotoDVD 2.2.5 released


  • various changes in preview and sound management.


Version 2.2.5 is unreleased, latest official version available from is 2.2.2.

I am a liscensed owner of PhototoDVD and I love the program, so let me understand, a new version was released and unreleased in 5 minutes. When I saw the first post I downloaded it and it was 2.2.5 and then I saw Portmacs post and I went back to 2.2.2, so I guess I should have checked the VSO webpage first, I hope I didn’t mess anything up.

Blazkowicz has linked to an as yet unreleased version of the software, all officially released software will be listed on

edit/ it was not released at all yet

Thanks Portmac, I got mixed up because the original posters thread was named " 2.2.5 Released "