Hallo together.

This my first post in this forum.
So at first I am sorry for my english.

I living in germany and to my favorits i add semiprofessional photography.
The most of this picture i took in church.

After a celebration i took the pictures on a cd and sell it for 5 €…but in the past more and more people copy the cd.

So i search a protection for a photocd. I know it self that are no 100% copy protection…but all i need is a protection for “normal” people ( 50 years old church member with NERO and a copy button)

I have to strategies

    Programm MB-Lock

Programm CDMenupro.
Which create a autorun.ini / programm which sho my picture in a special pictureviewer. The picture are “safe” in a komprimizer with password and only the viewer know the password.
This exe file i would like also maybe with mb-lock protect.

Have you any other idea