Photo transfere



I download my holiday photo’s to a slideshow DVD by mistake for safe keeping.
Question: I now wish to transfer the photo’s from the DVD slideshow to my PC to allow me to print my photo’s.
Could you please show me how to do this.
THX Walt.


Welcome to the forums waltzsingmatilda.

One way of doing this is to use VLC media player to play the slideshow dvd and pause the playback on the images as they come up. Then take a screenshot of the image. You find the control in VLC by clicking Video–>Snapshot. VLC is free to use:

The default image format will be .png, but this can be changed to jpg if you wish in the Preferences.

The images will be saved in your Pictures folder.

The quality of these screenshots will be considerably less than the original pictures.

There may be other ways to get the pictures, so wait a bit and see if anyone else has better options.


Did you try Nero Vision Express? Give MultiExtractor a try as it may be what you looking for.

Have you checked the DVD to see if it has the pictures saved as a folder on it? That what I usually do when I create a Photo Slideshow so I have them there in case my family or friends just want pictures and not slideshow


Do you still have the card you used in the camera?

It may be possible to use data recovery software to get the original photos back from the card.