Photo to DVD

I’m a beginner and I need help!! I’d like to do a DVD with my photos. I’d also like to do menus where I can choose for exampel: Linda 4 months old, Linda 5 months old etc.

I’d also like to add some text to each photo if possible.

Can anyone help me? What software do I need??

Best wishes


you can use InstantCD/DVD.
I’ve done this with the picture’s of my last holiday to watch them at every standalone player. At this time i didn’t have a dvdtoaster, therefor i burned a SVCD with Menu, Texts etc. But you can also burn a dvd with the stuff very easy…
Check out the 30 days demo version:

The Latest version of MYDVD also alllows for ‘slideshows’ burned on VCD,and DVD…

Ulead DVD Picture show could do the trick as well…


I also prefer Instant CD/DVD for burning holiday pictures, but on SVCD not DVD.
Maybe you should try this software and check it out.
The creation for an SVCD with pictures is quite simlple (this includes creating folders for each picture and slideshows as well).

Maybe these options will work with DVD creation too.