Photo SVCD

I have created a SVCD using my photos from my digital camera, but want to create some sort of menu and then sort the photos into various groups. Does anyone know how I can create a menu using nero so that I can select which group of photos to view? Or would I need some additional software?

Also how can a create a DVD of all my photos with nero? :confused:

Hi chauhan…I sort my photos out in their Individual folders, like>>25/06/2004 or 2004-06-25-Flowers…2004-01-22-Buildings…etc., etc.,.(these names are for each folder)
When i’ve finished I then check to make sure they will fit onto a blank disc…
I then Open Nero n find those Folders, n drag n drop em to the apropriate window ready for Burning…All these are Still Images in TIFF or JPG format…Doing all this to CDR was Easy Peasy…But what I want to know is, do we chose DVD-ROM (ISO) or DVD-ROM (UDF) or DVD-ROM (ISO/UDF)…I need mine to be Universal… in All Computers + Mac…If I want them as Images Like a Video I will use “PicturesToExe” which I find to be Excellent n Easy to Follow…

i dunno which dvd-rom to use, i make a SVCD so that i cn play the photos on my stand-alone dvd player…if i create folders will i b able to select a folder to view on my dvd player?