Photo spinning & random selection script/program



Hi all,

I have been searching, but so far without luck, so I am hoping this communicaty can help me.

At work we are having an event and as a new arrival to this office, I have been appointed Quizmaster for the annual office party.

To select candidates for the quiz, I am looking for a program or script that can spin a selection of (colleagues’) photos. At the push of a button, the spinning slows down and stops at a randomly selected photo (like a wheel of fortune slows down). There will be eight spins at least (and potentially some backup spins), so it would be cool if a previously selected photo is taken out of the collection and cannot be selected again.

An added bonus would be if the ‘random selection’ can be manipulated to select a predestined photo of someone we definitely want to be selected as a candidate (e.g. one of my bosses who refused to participate in this fun event because ‘he doesn’t feel like it’ :stuck_out_tongue: ).

It doesn’t have to be a free program, although it would be nice :wink:

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Does it need to play Wilhelmus at the same time or will the Star Spangled Banner do ? :wink: :bigsmile:

Just joking .
I have no idea on a program that might do this but I’m interested in seeing if there is one. I hope someone here knows of one.


Not exactly what I was hoping for, but helpful nevertheless:

Advantage: whichever option has been selected, can be removed from the wheel…so the second spin cannot land on the same outcome.
Disadvantage: No pictures can be added
Advantage: Photos can be added
Disadvantage: Every spin shows all options

Both are, unfortunately, not able to manipulate the outcome…

For my purpose, I will go with the App.

Just thought I’d share and hopefully others will benefit too. Other suggestions are still welcome of course!