Photo slideshow error Nero Vision Essentials 4


Just got my first DVD burner and now feeling…well…kinda burned.

I wanted a dvd to allow viewing 800 some odd photos taken on our last trip with a recorded conversation with the friends we went with added as a track later. but first i CANNOT seem to get past a warning window, which reads,

“Unable to insert the pictures because the maximum number of 99 pictures in the sideshow would be exceeded.
Do you want the surplus pictures to be inserted into new sideshow titles?”

I have right clicked on everything looking for a way to make this either unlimited or a thousand or so, just not to have to worry about it. 99 pictures only use 4% of a DVD. :sad:

Could somebody pluleeze give me some direction on making a nice DVD slideshow with this program?

Thank you in advance :bow:


Have you checked the program help about that limitation?

Yesh…I have used every word or group of words I can imagine to find the setting window but no luck. The only thing I can think of is…the desktop I installed the software on is windows ME, no longer supported by Microsoft, thus no longer connected to the web, and maybe…just maybe…there is some kind of default that will be undone once connected to the mother ship and registered.