Photo slide show to DVD

I need a little help here. I am a complete newbie so please bare with me. I am trying to create a dvd using photos that I have scanned to my computer. I have downloaded DVDSanta and have 2 questions related to this task.

  1. Is DVDSanta the best program to make the dvd with photos or is there one better?

My second question relates to the audio that I can add to the dvd. I do not want to add a complete song to the dvd just clips of music approx 30 seconds long. I have an audio splitting program (sorry but cannot remember the name) that can split the songs into 30 second clip but the clip will start and end abruptly. I would like to have the 30second clips fade in and fade out on the dvd

  1. Is there any program that I can make small clips of songs that have the music fade in and fade out?

  2. On last question - do my first 2 make sense?
    I am thankful for any help

you’d probaby have to create the audio yourself fading in and out timed at 30 seconds for each photo, then put it as the soundtrack in the software.