Photo Slide Show on VCD - Poor Quality

I just used Nero VisionExpress 2 to create a photo slideshow and burned it as a VCD. Photos look terrible! (They’re really not, though!).

I also created and burned the same slideshow on Paint Shop Photo Album 5, and the photo quality is tremendous.

What gives? I used the exact same folder of photos, all taken with Konica 6.0 megapixel digital, normal quality @ 1600 x 1200 px.

I like the look and transitions of the Nero show much better, and the audio timing seems to work better. But the photos render terribly. Same exact photos on PSPA5 look great, but boring transitions, and I can’t get the soundtrack synched as well.

Any clue as to why the same photos look so bad on Nero and so good on Paint Shop Album? (All .jpg, approx. 700k each).


Maybe its because VCD is poor quality

Well, that was really helpful…

Meaning media? Burner? Photos? Player?

Burned in Nero and they look like they’re very highly compressed - pixellated, distorted.

Burned in Paint Shop Photo Album and they look like they’re not compressed at all. No pixellation, fine detail, no distortion.

These are the same images, in the same folder.

I like the layout and transition choices much better in Nero, as well as the soundtrack synch.

Is there a quality setting on Nero?

Try changing the slideshow to an SVCD type. SVCD discs will render a higher quality disc than VCD.

Thanks Mike!

I’ll give it a try! Plus, I just downloaded the 6.3.17 upgrade, so maybe that’ll help too.


SVCD worked much better. Photos still not showing as crisp as Paint Shop Album, but they are much better than just the VCD.


No problem. They wont look as good as on your computer because of the resolution your computer monitor can provide is a lot higher than what a DVD player is capable of outputting. DVD’s max resolution if i am not mistaken is 720 x 480. That is no where near todays 4,5, and 6 megapixel cameras.