Photo mesuring software


I’m here to find out if there is any freeware software that allows me to make mesurements out of a picture once I’ve one o more calibration setup.

Thanks to all for the advertises

Your question wasnt very clear - but have you tried IrfanView?


I’ll check the link, in any case only to be clear.

I got a microscope and a video capturing system, I do cross-sections of pcbs and then I need to make mesurements out of the pictures, using different settings for the scales, because I use different magnifications.

Is there a software (Freeware) to make these mesurements??

Thanks to all

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thanks for the suggestion, nice software but I doesn’t fit my needs.

Thanks again :bow:

Any other suggestion?

i’d try the gimp - but you may have to do some work to make it do what you want. it is the best freeware photo editing tool out there.