Photo jpg comics to video ? pls help



how can i make a put jpg picture of comics into a video ina way so they scroll in the video with the texts being able to be seen when the video is played on a dvd player
tried to use Photo2DVD Studio to make a slide show but the texts are too small and it some parts of the picture are not showing what is the best software to use to edit the slideshow picture or to autor the video to have the picture zoomed out so the text can be seen and to whoose which part of the picture to show and when while in the slideshow


can somebody answer me pls thanks


why dont you use the zoom function on your remote?


Try searching at for photo slide show software, and read some of the comments on the forums about them…


I guess you have scanned the comic images and saved them as jpegs. Check the image size…maybe they are too small. If so, scale them up to at least around 800 x 600, and check the image quality - 500KB or upwards.