Photo jaggies on DVD

My photos look great on my monitor but when I try to burn them to DVD using Nero they show jaggies all over the place.

It is not the TV screnn which is causing the problem … the thumbnail in my Nero compilation is jaggy too.

How can I prevent this happening?

Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

I think it is probably the way Nero does the resizing of your photos while encoding, since you’re going from probably many megapixels to 720x480 pixels at best. I’m not sure what other software if any will be able to handle the resize without aliasing the picture.

You may try manually resizing your photos to see if you can get a slightly less harsh effect, though this is probably a less desirable option.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for that.

I downsized in PSCS2 and all was well.

Problem resolved

Glad it’s resolved. :slight_smile: