Photo-gallery bug?

I have a couple of DVDs that DVDfab cannot copy.

they are music documentaries structured like this:
title 1 is the documentary, which copies OK
title2 is actually a gallery of still pictures, with each picture being a chapter within the title. so 10 photos = 10 chapters.

DVDshrink copies the whole DVD OK & tells me tha the DVD is not even encrypted but DVDfab goes into some kind of endless loop at the end of the 2nd title. Fab also reports title 2 as being about an hour long!

I thought maybe it was struggling becvause the gallery is set to loop or to randomise which picture appears next, but I could be wrong abour that. (maybe the pictures are set to auto change every 6 ot 7 minutes , which would explain why fab thinks this title set is 70 mins long,but I can’t be bothered to watch for that long to test that theory!)

I’m not greatly interested in viewing photo sets on DVDs and I can copy via shrink, so I’m just reporting it as a possible bug.

I’ts happening today with the latest non-beta version but I’ve seen it previously with other discs & older versions.
sample IFo zip attached.