Photo editng software



Does anybody know about a software which I can select a number of images (jpeg) and the software automatically resizes them to fit in one page altoghether??


I use HP photo printing to fit many images in a sheet or photo paper. You can customize the size of each “rectangle” or “square” (not the position) in a sheet. I find it very intuitive and usefull.
Sorry but I can’t redirect you to a link coz I can’t find that software available for download - the CD came with my printer HP Deskjet 6540.


You can rotate images within the boxes etc. I hope this is what your looking for.


Damn me. I’ve read it again. U want an index sheet, isn’t it? Use fotoshop it does all that stuff.


First Of All Thanks for the info. I already have that software and the problem is that I need it to be in jpeg format so that I can resize it for a front of a dvd showing album faces. I have tried other software such as pcasa which automatically makes collages but some of the pictures are included 3/4 of them .



I use Googles ‘picasa’ program from and it does the indexing and much, much more - and it is free-eh!



i already have picassa and its great. I found out that the pictures were overlapping since resolution was different so I andjusted the resolution to make a perfect square and voila worked beatifully!!


By the way Thanks Very Much