Photo DVD with errors, help!

Hello all,

First post but I have been through this site a number of times.

My mate is having problems with a DVD of photos and because I am his more techi friend it has come into my hands.

The problem is that any of the images, or everything on the disc, can not open. The jpeg files are there, they all have a size etc, but they cannot be opened. only a black screen with acdsee or a “could not complete your request because a jpeg marker segment is too short (the file may be truncted or incomplete)” error.

This was burnt a while ago and is now the only copy of some two years of photos. Pretty bad situation but thats how it is.

So I have tried the obvious things like going with the missing files on ISObuster and similars. They find some files but not many.

Can anyone help me with being able to extract and repair files from the disc? A point in the direction of good software to use etc would be awesome, I can’t find anthing better for this the isobuster at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You may want to try Dead disk doctor link below(I have not tried it)

Also, believe it or not, I was able to recover data from a slightly damaged disk by first putting it in the freezer for about 4 minutes, then I cleaned off the condensation, I then was able to copy the bad sectors. The key was keeping the disk cold. I know it sounds weird but it worked for me. I was using IsoBuster.

Good Luck,

You may also want to try this app…Dvdisaster.

[I]"Dvdisaster provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD media caused by aging or scratches.

dvdisaster creates error correction data to compensate read errors which are not correctable in the CD/DVD drive.

dvdisaster tries to read as much data as possible from defective media. Afterwards unreadable sectors are recovered using the previously created error correction data. The maximum error correction capacity is user-selectable.

dvdisaster operates at the image level and does not depend on the file system.

If you create the error correction data in time and keep it at a safe place, you have a good chance of recovering the medium contents from typical read errors and to transfer your complete data onto a new medium".[/I]

Link Below…

P.S. If your German is bad, click the ‘herunterladen’ button or just click the English button in the top right of the web page.

Thanks for the tips.

I have tried these programs and there is no positive result… What a shame.

I am using a laptop with a slot drive so I would rather not slide frozen disks into my drive. However, when I get to a standard load I will give that a try.

Thanks and I will keep you posted, though I am starting to think that it is lost… There are no marks on the cd, I think it was just a bad burn :frowning:


Get yourself a Recovery Program…Plenty out there…Google it.