Photo DVD Question?

Ive just started using photo DVD and really love the prog.
Does anyone know if you can finish the LAST picture of a slideshow with a fade out and STOP, without starting again at the beginning of the slide show automatically each time?

Well, for the moment these features have not been implimented. I will pass the word on to the right person at VSO. You can change setting per picture as far as fade and animation factor. Do this by highlighting a picture and click on the magnifying glass, or simply double click on corresponding picture in the image list.

I personnally think this is not a bad idea and a good option to have.

Yes I have been using the magnifying glass to alter certain pix as I want to see and also time them. But the thing that I really hate with the prog is the beginning starting again so QUICK after the music and last pix finishes. Im trying to get to the stop button on the remote so quckly, before the whole show starts up again. If your really into presentation like me, these little things really bug you. All they need is a click option for “stop” after the last pix, or “return to start after last pix”.
All pretty simple I think, but really would make a cleaner more professional slide show!:clap:

Yes, what you say I agree with.

Here is another way to temporarily close the curtain on your slideshow: There is the option to change time each picture is displayed on screen. You can have you last picture stay on the screen for a long time----until you get to hit stop button, or at least until this is programmed into the software.

Thanks for that!
Not a bad answer to make it look a bit better, but I do hope they do it!
Would love it to STOP AND FADE TO BLACK. Thats how all movies finish:clap:

I had a confirmation that this will be done, as you may already know, VSOs next plans for PhotoDVD is the option to put lots of slideshows onto one DVD with a menu. Thus your suggestion will difinetely be implimented because with multiple slideshows on one dvd, it would be a pity if one keeps looping.

VSO may already have the intentions to do what users want, but sometimes they may no have even thought of a certain idea, never hesitate to suggest an option, you never know your wish may be granted;)

That all sounds really great news as that was going to be my 2nd question asking about menus etc,
When and how would I know when these things maybe done?:confused:

ERRR not for a while, but for sure in the works (maybe around x-mas–but we really have no idea—could be sooner). Involves a lot of programming and this is not the only software that VSO is focusing on for the moment.

HI folks, just joined the forum. hows that for service i wanted to know how to stop the looping also. its taken me nearly 3 mins. magic. will wait for the upgrade with eagerness.