Photo DVD Quality Issue

I downloaded the trial version and was very pleased with how easy it was to make a slide show with music. However, I was disappointed in the quality of the pictures when I played them back on my TV. All my pic files are in the range of 600 KB, so from a size standpoint, the quality should be good. Are there any settings I can change that will significantly improve the quality of the pictures? Thanks for your help!

600kb is small for a photograph. Take a look at There are lots of guides and tutorials with information on this subject.

I have used this program and the quality is always good for me
maybe your tv is to big :bigsmile:

Yes quality can be effected when manipulating pan and zoom effects found under setting, imaging and then in top half of screen in bow titled “quality”

Also recently it has been made known to VSO that oddly certain pictures taken with the same camera seconds after one another, will have different quality output through PhotoDVD—as odd as this may seem some pictures of trees—seem to turn out not so good when watching the final dvd slideshow.

Are all the pictures bad, just some. This info is of great interesset to VSO Software, maybe you could write to their support team and send in a couple of those trouble pictures so this problem can be worked out.

Do you think this could be an issue of having burned in the wrong format PAL/ NTSC, or did you burn on a CD not DVD?