Photo Disk

First and foremost, hello to all.

I’ve lurked around on the forums here for quite some time now, and have normally found what I’ve been looking for, however I’ve run into a little problem.

I’m trying to create a photo disk playable in dvd players. I know there are applications available which create simple photo disks, ie slideshow.

However, what I am trying to achieve is to have a menu (for each category, i.e. locations), and then for there to be a submenus with photos tiled on screen, say 3 by 3. I want to then be able to browse the photos, and select one which would then display full screen etc… There are about eight categories with some 350 photos in total.

Firstly, is this achievable easily.
Secondly, what program would you recommend for this purpose.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be apreciated.


I’ve used Nero Vision Express for this and it worked great for me. Every album is displayed as a ‘thumbnail’ (add as separate tracks). On clicking the icon (or pressing the track number), the slideshow starts with wonderful transitions.

Hope this helps. This is quite easy to use as well…IMHO the fastest way!

Thanks for the reply ExpertTech,

I have played with NVE, and I understand that I can achieve a slideshow with this.

What I am trying to achieve is something where there is not a slideshow, but rather one selects one of the thumbnails of the photos to display a full screen image.

I understand that most (someone correct me if I am wrong) new(ish) DVD players are capable of displaying some type of image files.

Is there some application available that can achieve this with different submenus, or is there some other way which I guess would not be so easy.

Look forward to any help that can be given.