Photo cd

hi guys I’m new to this. i hope someone can help me out. my wife has downloaded all kind of pictures from her new dig. camera. and my question is how can i put these on a cdr I dont have nero or any other fancy stuff just what came with my pc [easy cd creator ] can this be done . i would really app. the help. thanks in advance

hi again. come on guys there must be someone that has a answer to my question . i can’t belive this hasn’t been done before. sure would appreciate some help thanks

Hey Ed ,

First of all , we’re not a highly skilled technical support centre with people who make millions of dollars. To even complain after a mere three days about unanswered questions , might even delay the answer longer. Just a tip for the future.

Very well , let us see what we have here :

  • cd writer
  • roxio/adaptec easy cd creator writing program

Now you can use the drag&drop feature to slide all pictures from your harddisk or temporary disk (usually when you connect a digital camera on your computer , it generates a disk drive letter) towards the folder the Easy Cd Creator program presents when you execute Easy CD Creator and tell it to create a DATA disk.

This will write a data cdrom , which can only be used inside a computer cdrom player.

If you want to make a cdrom that you can use in a compatible VideoCD player , connected to your tv , there are other possibilities , but Adaptec’s software is rather limited in these matters.

mr. belvedere Im sorry the way it sounded . I did not mean it to sound that way and i do appoligize. other than that it worked fine I’ve got a lot of pictures on a cd. its just what i wanted thanks. now that you mention seeing them on tv sounds great, can you help me out with that thanks again

To make a Picture CD for the TV I’m pretty sure you’ll have to buy Nero.

Not necessarily , but it’s quite difficult to accomplish in Roxio’s/Adaptec software.

To make a cdrom ,that will show your pictures on your television , using your standalone dvd player ; we again have to make a few things certain before you start with it.

You will need a standalone dvd player , connected to your tv that is capable of at least one of the following functions :

  • Photo CD playback
  • VideoCD playback
  • SVideo Cd playback
  • Jpeg files on standard CD playback

PhotoCD and Jpeg files are the easiest , though i have never done it with the aid of Roxio/Adaptec software. For this matter it’s again a matter of drag&drop.

VideoCD and SvideoCD playback is more difficult and again there are numerous ways to make this possible :

  1. You can put all of your pictures into one big MPEG video stream using 3rd party software and write that MPEG with Roxio/Adaptec. Examples of 3rd party software are Ulead DVD Picture Show or Video Edit Magic.

  2. You can put one picture per track on the cdrom , thus giving the possibility of maximal 99 pictures per cd (Not recommended , but one of the easiest ways). I don’t know if Roxio/Adaptec software can do this , but Nero sure can.