Photo browsing/selecting/sorting application wanted

I am looking for an application that lets me browse images. Not just browsing, but for selecting pics while browsing (for example, space selects the pic and takes me to the next one, the another key takes me to the next pic without sorting it. After quitting the manual slide show I can copy all the files I selected to a different location.)

Does anybody know if such an application exists? I hope you can get what I mean from my clumsy description…

Picasa is a nice free one… I haven’t used it enough to see if it does everything you want, but the little bit I’ve played with it, I like what it does.

IrfanView is one of the best ones. And it is free.

Thanks! I’ll be looking into PicAsa. I didn’t know that Irfanview could do this… I’ve been using this progam for ages for slideshows :slight_smile:

Not I’m at it: do any of these programs have a functionality to select multiple images at once (images with the same name though different extensions)?

Thing is, when I shoot pics with my cam, I get two files: a .JPG and a .NEF. The JPEG is a low quality preview, the NEF file is a RAW image file that I edit. When sorting pics, I watch the preview JPEG files; if I don’t like the pic, I select it and delete it. Of course, it would be great to delete the accompanying NEF file as well. Is there such a feature?