Photo Album in PHP of PERL [CGI]

This is an English Forum!!!

Then I do it in English!!!
And how you know I’m a newbie Just because I don’t post as much as you do? That doesn’t say anything about how much I visited this site. But if you want to call me a newbie by my guest!!! I don’t care I know a don’t posted bullshit. It seems we have five useless reaction here, don’t we?

But you’re right rules are rules!

The question was do who knows any nice Photo album where you can see the pictures in thumbnail format and when you click on them there opens a window [like the javascript windows] with the picture in it???

Anybody a idea???

Now we don’t know the question ;(

Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR
Now we don’t know the question ;(

For that he can edit his own post and post the question in English.

Having a hard time not to rant and rave about people breaking the rules now :wink:

that’s wright rules are rules

It’s true your not allowed to post in dutch in english forums, but remember he is a NEWBY.

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but remember he is a NEWBY.

Then there is a newbie forum just for him…

And when one is new somewhere, does one not check the rules of the place he is new to? It is not that the rules are nowhere to be seen.

But this is getting off-topic now.
He could check out the links posted by Da_Taxman in another post here, loads of resources for PHP, CGI scripting…

THX Smart@$$ the post of Da_Taxman was quite usefull but I’m more asking for experience. But I will certainly check those sites out;)

You should visit hotscripts

I’m sure you will find a good script over there !

I would suggest PHP, yust store de photo’s in a MySQL db en make a few queries!

Originally posted by Sorcerer
I would suggest PHP, yust store de photo’s in a MySQL db en make a few queries!

Uuuhhh? Yeah just do it with the el33t php stuff, you know… a few queries here and there…

And how can PHP create a nice photoalbum with tumbnails?? I mean the reason why he asks this question is probably that he needs a program wich automatically creates pages with tumbnails etc because he has like 1000 pictures…

What’s PHP got to do with it?

You can make something pretty easy with php!

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You can make something pretty easy with php!

Yeah so?
Oh damn you’re right. Why doesn’t he learn PHP first to put some pictures & tumbnails on the net!! Hmm i have a better idea! Learn C++ first, you can make something really nice with it!!

Or in other words… don’t post stuff you don’t know anything about. The guy just want pics & tumbs online, and you advise him to learn PHP ? IMHO a little over-do.

I’ve tried to learn PHP. So I can understand it but I can’t program it.
I never have had the programming basics and in most books the say that you must have some program experience.

But there is enough freeware etc on the net avaliable. But the first thing I want to learn program php because it is a great program language

Everyone thanks for reacting!!!