Phoenix is building a DRM BIOS with Core Management Engine

I just posted the article Phoenix is building a DRM BIOS with Core Management Engine.

I saw this over at Slashdot and it caught my eye. Phoenix/Award is a very large BIOS maker out there and they are working closely with Microsoft. Both of these…

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The idea that they are working on now would allow the Windows OS to directly control the hardware:d:d:d:d Prepare your Antivirus… Now, there will be virus that destroy directly our BIOS directly from our favorite OS:r

Take note that when you turn these DRM features off DRM protected files might become unusable forcing you to keep it on. I doubt that but if someone else sends you a BIOS protected file you’ll have to own one of these motherboards to be able to open it. I assume they know that all the OEMS will run out and buy this motherboard so they’re new computers will be 100% compatible with microsoft. basically forcing DRM into the market regardless of weather the people want it or not.

Dont get me started on this crap. Everyday we are losing are control on where and what we can do. If DRM comes this could open a black market for software and hardware. :X

We already have one of those.

I would wonder if these DRM chips have a built in flash for storing information. For example, if you install the next version Windows on one of these machines, it would hide information to make it incredibly difficult to bypass or get around the product activation, e.g. if you exceeded the number of times allowed to activate Windows by frequently changing hardware or reinstalling Windows to clean up the system. Even if someone does manage to get around the activation, other products such as the next Office version or even Windows service packs may rely on hidden DRM information and if something is not right, you could easily get locked out of your own PC! :frowning:

So when (not if) these units are shipped, the drm technology will be turned on…and we have the option to turn it off…isn’t that a bit like the postal employees reading your mail…because you never told them they couldn’t…I guess in years to come I’m going to be using a very old computer. I’m betting a lot of little computer stores will be going down the tube. Frankly , award going to bed with microsoft smacks of colusion and monopoly and these two will be the toll collectors on the software bridge to your computer…:X

Yes I believe it would have some type of flash memory. I’m not sure if it would actually be flash memory but it would serve the same purpose I think. Anyway the only specifics they give is that your digital encryption keys to unencrypt your software and use it will be built into the BIOS chip and the new CPU’s. So if you buy a new motherboard you may have to purchase your software and re buy all your legal music again. How would you like that, you buy music legally and have to rebuy it cause your motherboard got fried but all the crap you downloaded illegally still works.
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One of the things I like about a computer is, it is a machine that can be configured to do the job of many machines. Play games, music, the internet, writing, research, create art etc. One thing that I don’t like is for someone to come in and cripple it to where it takes away the freedom to use this power as I see fit. And it absolutely is not right to hamstring me to protect any commercial entity for the sake of their profit line. You are guilty of crimes before you ever commit one. It is like the gas stations that make you pay before you pump. To stop drive offs. I avoid them like the plauge. :r I am afraid one day, due to lobbyists it will be illegal to own a computer that does not have these annoying “features”.

Almost everything I do with my computer is illegal. Downloading mp3, DVDs and duping DVDs. I guess when I play games and email I’m probably not breaking any laws, but otherwise… I will gladly buy CPUs from China or Iran if they come without DRM. What is the point to having a computer if you can’t do anything good with it? In my every day life here in America (California) I know who my enemies are, politicians who are whores to corporate interests. The internet will be restructured to control voice over IP, mass media piracy, low danger kiddy porn and free speech.

If you really are into that kiddy porn stuff you should be executed on sight. :r

The powers that be will group everything from that list into one ‘black box’ that needs to be controlled. If you are willing to strip the internet down to a point where kiddy porn is impossible you will render it useless for anything but a new way to get advertisement. The RIAA and MPA and others will (HAVE) use the “There is Kiddy porn on the net/p2p” to lock the internet/p2p networks down so nothing illegal could happen. It will be the same way paper money will some day be replaced with electronic debits, someone could buy kiddy porn with cash but no one would ever do it if there was a record of it. Reactions like yours promise a very dark future for freedom. I have no interest in kiddy porn.

I can see it now something I install isn’t compatable with the DRM. I try to return the software to the store but as far as they are concerned it is fine. I contact Micro$oft they tell me it’s the software or maybe your motherboard. I contact the motherboard manufactures, they tell me it’s not their problem talk to the software company that wrote the software in the first place. Now I just have to learn that “delicate dance between folks like this, software vendors, content providers, electronics makers and consumers” :frowning: