PHOCUS DVHD 160 - 4. Anybody got one?



Pixmania ( are currently offering this for £227.50 including p&p, which seems rather a bargain for a DVD recorder with a 160GB HDD and which can read DivX and MPEG4 files. The Liteon 5045 appears to be the favourite in this price bracket, but the Phocus DVHD 160 - 4 scores an extra point by allowing simultaneous DVD playing and HDD recording.

Does anyone have any info/experience/comments? Picture quality, noise (acoustic, not interference!), ease of use, etc.?


Got one a month ago. Pixmania seem to have removed it from the catalogue. Not surprised. Build quality is lousy. Tray is not correctly aligned with opening and has to be assisted to return fully. Instructions with machine are useless. You must download a better version. The website had downloadable software updates but that has disappeared. Sound quality is poor. Picture is excellent. Not possible to edit recordings on HDD, only on DVD (before finalizing). Timer will only record 8 events. Overall badly disappointed


Just discovered today that this machine doesn’t know how many days there are in December. It thinks there are only 28. Today’s date comes up as -2/01/06. Maybe this is how the calendar works in China!!


Yes the days 29 en 30 december are not available.
And this happens every year.

Who has the solution?

What says Phocus?



Venlo, December 30, 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

Unfortunately there is a problem with programming the Phocus DVD recorder. It seems that there is a kind of millennium problem. After 1st of January this problem is solved. We are working on an update of the firmware now.

For the time beying you can solve the problem:

Please set the system date on the 1st of January 2006. All programs that you wish to store have to be set two days in advance.
E.g. you want to store a program on December 31st 20.00hrs. you have to install for
January 2nd 20.00hrs.
This is only for manual installing (no VPS)!

I hope this will help for this moment. We will inform you as soon as we have a solution. After January 1st the problem is solved any wee.


Phocus Services b.v.


Hi everybody

I have just bought a phocus dvd recorder hdd 160. Does anybody have a english manual.