Phiulips DVD 634 : please help!

Please can anyone out there help me with what I presume is a simple problem as I am at my wits end and cannot find a solution. :a

I have a Philips DVD 634 and have had it for years with no problems. I have also had a DVD for the last year of Disney’s “Incredibles”, with again, no problems.

However, last week my four year old pressed a button on either the recorder itself or the remote controls and ever since then whenever we put the Incredibles disc in the machine we get the standard DVD Video screen but with a request to “input passwd” and a yellow strip in which to input the password. As I do not have a password and never have had , and indeed had never seen this screen until last week I find this infuriating. Now, I understand a DVD wil cost me only a few quid and my kids love the film but I would prefer to use the disc we have and have been happily watching for many many months.

How in the name of God can I get round this problem? If I have to buy a new disc I shall but please, please can anyone help?? I want to make sure my little girl doesn’t inadvertently do this again!!

Many thanks form rainy Devon in the UK! :flower:

From some DVD634 player documentation (available here): page 22 ‘Setup menu’:

– If you forget the password, you can enter the
default password 3308 and replace your
password after logging in.”

It also tells you how to disable parental control, and reset the machine to default.

Is all this not in your manual anyway?