Philps spd2400

i want to buy philps 1628G but in the store they told me
this is the old model of philps & the new model is spd2400
is it true ?
how is this drive ?
should i replce him to nec 3550 ?
i paid attention that its lite-on but i dont know which model

The SPD2400 is a rebadged Liteon 1635S, which with the latest Liteon firmware is pretty good. The advantage of converting it to the Liteon is that more people do modified firmware for it so improving it.
Whether it’s better than the 1628G of the NEC 3550 I can’t say.

I would think that any of these drives would work well.

1.i try the new firmware of Liteon 1635S YSOX and he not let to flash
he write "no match…only to Liteon 1635S "
2.did the SPD2400 is better than the 1628G ?

I bought Philips spd 2400 two weeks ago and I can say that its wonderful… my dvds never get pif max more than 2, and never get pie max more than 15 from nero cd-dvd speed :wink:

and one here