Philps DVD8701 to benq1640

my friend just recently flashed to the benq, but is having trouble and wants to flash back. Where do you get the Philps DVD8701 firmware?

DVD8701 is a OEM drive used by Dell among others. You can get Dell DD26 firmware here.

Procedure to flash;

  • download firmware
  • extract firmware with WinRar to folder of choice,
    (rightclick original .exe file and chose “unpack here”)
  • rename DD26.PFW to DD26.CVT
  • Flash with WinDWFlash (link my sig) or BQFlasher.

Good luck.
[B]Note[/B], this procedure should not be used for RMA’ing drive. Once drive been crossflashed your warranty is gone. Face that, please. :wink:

MD5 checksum of "C:....Philips DVD8701\[B]DD26.CVT[/B]":
f8 0f e6 ef 05 02 ce 76 9f 32 45 14 42 46 59 cf

MD5 checksum of "C:.....Philips DVD8701\orig\[B]DD26.PFW[/B]":
f8 0f e6 ef 05 02 ce 76 9f 32 45 14 42 46 59 cf.
  1. UnZIP file to bootable media 2. Boot system to bootable media 3. Remove bootable media 4. Reboot system when complete **** DO NOT POWER OFF SYSTEM DURING FLASH ****

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Taste this rolling56… :bigsmile:


1. Double-click the new icon on the desktop labeled R120512.EXE.
2. The Self-Extractor window appears and prompts you to extract or unzip to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R120512. If you did not print these instructions, write down this path. The WinZip Self-Extractor window appears.
3. Click OK.
4. If the Self-Extractor window is still open, close it.
5. [B]Create a DOS boot disk[/B]. For more information, refer to Dell Knowledge Base Article TT1014475 – “What can I use for a boot disk with CD-ROM support?”
6. [B]Insert the floppy disk into the floppy drive and reboot the computer.[/B]
7. At the A:/> prompt, type C: and then press the [ENTER] key.
8. Type C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R120512 and then press [ENTER].
9. Follow the on-screen instructions..

Too bad I don’t have a floppy drive. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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Interesting DOS flasher this firmware comes with… Smart Flasher (sflash) will flash any Nexperia drive in DOS, even “force flash” (whatever that means). :eek:

Have to try this flasher on my killed DW1640, although this drive is not recognized in DOS anymore. :slight_smile:

he dont have a floppy drive

A flash memory stick will do as long as computer is able to boot from USB port. :wink:

DOS boot how do you create it?

You’ll have to do some work by yourself, but caldera DOS can be a good start if you cant find MS-DOS.

There are also other free boot images if you use google

links? i really dont have time to google everything as im trying to help someone…I need instructions.

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i really dont have time to google everything as im trying to help someone…
I see, you wan’t me to google for you. Forget it.
I like to help people but not the lazy ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

lazy excuse me? im already working on this for the past hour. I dont need your help if your gone be like that :a

well guys i tried making a bootable dvd using nero and after i restarted and booted it…it says i was missing a file or it was bad? wtf? I put everything that came with R120512

now At the A:/> prompt , it wont let me type anything??? why