Philps 16LS scan problem



Today i updated my 16LS firmware to 1.8. I then attempted to burn a Ridata extreme DVD-R at 8x it seemed to burn fine.

But when i am scanning it with Nero CD test i am getting this error.

What is wrong and how do i fix it?


Seems like the disc is unreadable.

First try other media, preferrably DVD+R with this drive - and then try again.

Ridata extreme? What is that? Or do you mean ridisc extreme? If it’s ridisc it may very well be a media quality problems as I’ve seen some problems with that media.


No Additional Sense information? I always got that in Nero CD/DVD Speed when I tested a disc without ejecting it after the burn. I’d eject the disc and try running the scan again.


Also make sure you lower the scan speed. Higher reading speed generally causes higher error values as well. In fact, on lower quality discs (for example, my 30cents Ritek and fake TYG02), “no additional sense information” is exactly what I get when I scan at 16X in my BenQ 1620. However, at 8X Nero can scan the whole disc without any problems.


Sorry yes its ridisc extreme.

It scanned ok in my NEC 3540 it scored 95.

But i scanned it at 4x in my Phillips and it still said this message.

Also is this not good media. I thought it was supposed to be very good. If so can i please ask what is a good brand of DVD-R to get from Blankdiskshop that is also reasonably priced. I cant afford TY disks or Verbatims. I would happily pay 20-25 for a 100 so what would you recommend?.