Phillips spd3100cc which liteon is it a rebagde of?and is there rpc1 fw ,stock fw is pant



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips SPD3000. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi there can anyone tell which drive my phillips spd3100cc is a rebadged liteon but which 1? can anyone help, coz the firmware is pants with cd’s and dvd-r’s,i also have a spd3500cc which had the same problems i found out it was a lite0n 20a1h flash with codeguy eeprom and flash tools with his fw and works perfect? i’d also like to upgraded the spd3100cc to codeguy liteon fw can anyone help me id the drive?

also i just like to ask codeguy if he could have a look at kreon samsung 162c xbox360 fw, or the xbox360 drive its self! maybe you could improve it maybe you might be able to stop m$ from knowing the console had copy game, coz yiur great and i’ve had 9 consoles all banned
please reply
thanks in advance