Phillips SPD2513P Cant change booktype

I am having some serious trouble here.I need to change the booktype on my phillips but am unab;le to.I have tried nero and imgburn and niether have phillips listed in the change booktype options
Is this drive marked by liteon as a phillips.I have searched for hours with no help.I need help please.

You can’t change the book type of DVD-R media.

Im not trying to change dvd-r
Im trying to change dvd+r dl to dvd-rom
Can someone who knows what they are doing please help,No one said anything about dvd-r and this guy posts his little 2 cent post.
I am trying to find out about this drive,like if it was rebadged and by who also how to change its booktype like said before.
Please someone with experience in the subject helpppp.

Okay by the way the drive is auctually a spd2513bd
It is oem lite on
I have changed booktype setting in imgburn and it still wont allow me to change to dvd-rom also in compatabilities in imgburn there is no check in the box next to dvd-rom write support but I am positive this drive has that capability
Somethings wrong here please help

There’s not supposed to be a tick in that box.

Notice it’s greyed out (disabled)… that’s because you can’t write to ‘ROM’ discs.

The box is there so both sides are equal.

Do any of the liteon booktype options actually work or do they all error out?