Phillips SPD2413P GP02

Hmmm… I just did alot of tests with this drive.

Rigth out of the box, i ran it with a USB -> IDE adapter.

Not sure if it was that or the drive, but a couple burns were okay.

then 6 failed discs.

There’s quite some info about this drive, if it’s a Lite-On drive.

Definataly it’s aLite-On drive.


What firmware from BenQ or Lite-On can i flash it with to get better performance?
I read the DW2000 doesnt work for sure.

And ideas?

Where did you read that BenQ DW2000 doesn’t work?

It can be flashed to:

  1. LO LH-20A1P
  2. BenQ DW2000
  3. BenQ DW2050
  4. BenQ EW200G

You can most likely flash to BenQ D200S, LO 20A1S and 20A1L even though they’re SATA-based. Just use the Flash Utility.

But make sure you know the risk of crossflashing and the warranty won’t be in effect anymore.

In this thread i read that you cant…

That’s why i was under the assumption that you really couldnt do the DW200 firmware. ><"

My Phillips SPD2413BD/17 is a BENQ 200G FW: 6B43L for better or for worse. Have not really try it much since the cross flash. But, yes you can.

Hmmm I jsut came to the conclusion that this drive has really bad burns.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but it is for me… hmmmmm

What media are you trying to burn? Post a MID block with DVD Identifier. My 2413P burns fine with GP03. I’ve crossflashed it to DW2050 and EW200G just to compare.

Is it the hardware that makes bad burns, or is it the firmware?

I’m not sure what you want… I think it’s MCC?

But that’s all about to change… as i only have 1 disc left~! :smiley:

Yes, that’s what I was looking for. MCC003 is 8x media that should burn well. Are you using a 80-conductor cable? You can use CD-DVD Speed ( to do a quality scan (at 4x) and post the results.


80 pin.

Does the speed have to be 4x?

I tried it a while ago, and i got better restults than 16x lol

There used to be a “standard” 8x scanning for the LiteOn 16-series drives, but since it’s joint venture with BenQ, the 20-series seemed to fare better at 4x scanning. But it’s all up to user choice. Do you have any other media to try out?

Yeah. I have a couple of imation and sony media…

But i have to find stuff to burn first! lol

And uhh one more thing…

I flahsed my drive with the BenQ DW2000 firmware…

Now the drive only writes at 18x max.

what happened to the 20x?

This is what i got.

Generic media (which turned out to be secretly Verbatiam) @ 8x
Tested at 8x, 16x, 18x

Possibly “fake” MCC003.
The real stuff is Verbatim, Infiniti or HP branded.

The drive can burn UP TO 20x, that doesn’t mean every media you feed will get a 20x burn option. You’re feeding 8x-rated media, so you’ll be lucky to burn at 12x. Like mciahel said, generic MCC003 is most likely fake. Though you simulated the burn, are you sure DMA is turned on? Were you doing something in the background that’s causing the CPU spikes in the scans?


Simulation was done with 8x Sony DVD-R :wink:
The high CPU load might also be due to the use of an USB/IDE adaptor (at least he used one in his initial post).

Gotcha, I forgot about that. :doh:


I am not sure if it was used with the tests he posted the screenshots from. So this might also indeed be an UDMA issue or just some software running in the background. Apart from the media of course. :bigsmile:


Well i’m not sure if it’s fake or not, but now i’m down to one of those discs.

Also. I put in Sonly Media.
Stupid simulation couldnt simulate when i put in Imation media, and i wasted a perfect disc.

And these tests were done with the drive on Internal.

Also. note that i was also doing web browsing in the background, and msn… hahaha

So i’m not sure.

So judging, this drive should be pretty good as it’s a Lite-On drive in hiding…