Phillips SDVD8820 code 32 error

I need help in a bad way. My DVD+RW won’t read at all. It doesn’t show up in My Computer either.
I tried updating driver, but there wasn’t a newer one for me.
I also deleted the hardware, and it auto reinstalled upon reboot and that didn’t work either.
I tried to restore my registry to a previous time, also used system restore to a previous time too. Neither of those worked.

I’m running XP.
I don’t know what other info might be helpful. Let me know.

Any help would be sooo appreciated.

I fixed it by messing with my registry some.
Found instructions in someones signature. Something about deleting Lower + Upper settings…
Easy enough.

Hi and Welcome!

fine you got your drive working again :slight_smile:

I am sure, you were referring to (XP) and/or (Vista)