Phillips PBDV1640P - Writing the perfect Coaster

Hi Guys ‘n’ Girls…

I have got myself a Phillips Freelin MT1000 – ( 3gig P4 512 ram 80gig hd and a nice shiny case with blue on button :P) which comes with a phillips PBDV1640P DVD +/- ReWriteable drive
I am using EMTec 4.7 DVD-R 1-4x certified
Ok whats happening … this loverly pre installed drive is kicking out Cd’s with the greatest of ease… :cool: but :confused: when writing files to these disks ( tryed in different proggys but mainly nero) it is fully sucsessfull … wooohooo … at writing the dvd all the sucsesful things tootin away then when i read the disc all 0 bytes of it load up perfect!.
Is this just a “oh well keep breathing and use different media” thing or is there an update or a hammer i can use to get me through all this ( i ask after many attempts to try this but all my family and friends now have coasters so any more would just be a waste :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance Cookie
P.S. after reading much of this forum i will not be offering my coasters out to anyone else :rolleyes:

Just use different media. You will have better results with +dvdr media. The Philips and Benq are very good writers but they suck when you use cheap -dvdr media.
Try to get some +dvdr media from Fuji or Verbatim when you want quality burnings. When you want to use rather cheap media try some Memorex or Optodisc media.
But unless you need -dvdr choose Fuji -dvdr media.

Cheerz Dude … nice 1 for the speed 2 … you guys Rock

Is there anything i can do upgrade wise (its on b2.2) not to sudenly make it accept scratter media v1.1… but just to make it a happier drive in its shiny home?

Cookie :slight_smile:

B3.2 is a later firmware for the oem drive. There also should be a B3.3 I believe but I couldn’t find it that quick.

The Dangerous Brothers has all variations of FW for you. The latest being 3.4.

Cheerz Guys …(just got back in so sorry fot the late responce)Thanks to you both for the speedy responce …
You helped out alot and saved me from upgrading with BluntObject v1.2 or Hammer v6.9

Unfortunately, the DB B3.4 which I downloaded would not flash (from B3.2).

I assume it’s for the Retail 1640?

P3.4 is the latest FW for retail… B3.2 is the latest FW for OEM…

Thanks, Quikee2.

I did not look closely enough - it was the P3.4 which I downloaded. :o

Hi all. I’m a total newbie here, so please forgive my ignorance. I didn’t want to start a new thread as I’ve had similar problems to DJcookie, the thread starter - hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. I recently purchased a PBDV1640P -R/RW and I’ve had some problems with it. I’ve ripped and burned several DVD’s successfully, but when I attempt to burn a Data disc, I invariably have crc errors on the disc, rendering some files wholly unplayable. To be honest, when I bought the drive, it was as a bulk storage format - I merely wanted something to free up some space on my HDD, so this was a little disconcerting. However, in the last week or so, the DVD drive has stopped recognising blank discs whatsoever. I thought it might be that I was using cheap media, so I’ve bought some Ritek media (which I was under the impression would be compatible) but it’s still not recognising the disc when I insert it. I have upgraded the firmware to 3.2 as well, but nothing changed. It still reads DVD’s, and, annoyingly enough, it still reads all of the data DVD’s that I managed to burn while it was working, but I’m at a bit of an impasse here, so I’d really appreciate any help you can give me. As I said, I am a bit green, so I apologise if this question has an obvious answer. Thanks in advance. :bow:

What kind of dvdr did you buy, wa it a + or -dvdr. Is it possible for you to get a +dvdr disk froma friend or so, so you can test another dvdr. Ritek should have been recognised by the Philips writer.

Thanks for your reply. I used a (manufactured by Ritek) Ridisc 4x DVD-R, and the drive didn’t recognise it. I’ve also tried a Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R and had the same result. However, using a Bulkpaq 4x DVD+R, the drive recognised the disc and burned to it, although there were a couple of errors.

You are not using real quality media. Benq and Philips will produce good results if you use good quality -dvdr media like fuji or verbatim. Also Benq and Philips like good quality +dvdr media, only then you will get good results. Cheap -dvdr media will often not be recognised by Philips and Benq drives.

I realy think quality media in the long turn is cheaper than using low quality media.
Using cheap media will probably cause playback problems after some time.
Try to look for some good deals on the internet shops.

Thanks for that, I shall endeavour to use better quality media in future. I guess I’ve fallen into the “buy cheap, buy twice” trap. Oh well, at least if I ever have about 80 friends round for drinks, I’ll not be short of coasters. :smiley:
To minimise the risk of making another mistake, are there any internet shops that you would recommend for cheap media, or shall I just google till I find something appropriate?

As you can see I live in the Netherlands so I only have experiences with dutch internet shops. I guess you live in the UK, maybe some other members can advise you.
Or what you suggested, try to do some searching with google. I’ve spend a lot of money on using different media. That’s why my advise is buy quality media instead of throwing away money on cheap coaster media.