Phillips hdtv 120hz remote control problem

I bought a PHILLIPS 42" hdtv 120hz T.V. for the bedroom.
The problem is the t.v. looks great, except when you have the
HD NATURAL MOTION setting on. It gives you the soap opera look.
The problem is I have a dish network hd dvr,and the remote is
programmed to operate the t.v.,and to change channels through the
dvr box. The problem is the channels won’t change when you
switch to some channels especially on the regular digital ones.
Anyone have or has solved this same problem?
THANKS ZAP:eek::eek:

We once had a DISH receiver that was non-responsive at times, so we called DISH support. They talked us thru a change, and gave us codes to enter using the remote. Afterwards, the spare remote could no longer work the receiver, but the problem was solved.

The next time this happened (with a different receiver), the solution was to double-tap the buttons. Before we learned to double-tap the buttons, an infrared/wireless extender was used to boost the remote’s signal.

You should also try separating each device by a distance of three feet. There could be radiation from the receiver, or even another device in the setup, that could be causing an odd problem (which might also kill a VHS recorder, but I’m thinking of a DirecTV receiver).

Also, poorly shielded cables (the cheap ones), might pick-up interference, and that might hinder operation of your receiver/DVR.

First of all thank you for your help. I did call dish support and did some of the steps
you mentioned with my old remote. As it turned out the old dish dvr remote was the
problem. They sent me a new model remote,and I followed the steps and sure enough
it works faster and, I have had no more problems so far.I think some of their old
remotes don’t work well with some lcd,led hdtv models.