Phillips HDRW 720/05 - EPG problems

Had the DVD recorder for just over a year without problem.

Recently the electronic programme guide has gone blank. The instructions say the programme guide is available from ITV (terrestrial) or Eurosport UK (satellite), but neither appear to work.

Any suggestions appreciated

I to have a hdrw 720/05 and having problems with my tv guide. the problem has been there for a few months now, other than reseting the machine nothing will work. i leave the dvd recorder on itv (terrestrial) over night so it can up date. the next day i have only a very few listings. the signal is good and the teletext is perfect. has anyone got any ideas out there

A previous finding by ‘PhilipsDrone’ (here), which avoids the need to actually reset the whole machine, was to alter your location setting (i.e. ZIP code, postcode) in the ‘setup’ page, power down, then on power up change to back to the correct one. This should stimulate the machine to repopulate the guide, but will not wipe the already downloaded parts of the guide, nor trash the scheduled recordings.