Phillips HDRW 720/05 Advice?



Hi everyone I’m new to this forum as I’ve just stumbled across it whilst surfing for info on the above HDD and burner. I wished I had stumbled across it sooner a I have learned alot!!

My story…I bought the above HDD just before xmas 05 at my local department store in the UK. Two weeks ago it packed in with the DVD burner not recognising any discs at all…not even pre recorded holywood discs. The error shown was “Disc Error”. (I have read a thread on your forum started by someone from New Zealand which sounds very much similar to the fault I had)

I called the store to inform them of my predicament and they arranged for an engineer to visit me. The engineers (who I don’t think were Phillips acredited) came and looked baffled by my nice shiny new HDD. They took everything ie power lead, remote, manual. After a few days I rang the engineers to see if they had any luck, they informed me that the machine was unrepairable and they had sent it back to the department store where I bought it.

Unfortunately the store was in the process of closing down their electrical department and told me that I could have my money back as they could not issue me with a replacement. I took the money and immediately purchased a Phillips DVDR 3000 H, which I thought was a direct replacement.

So what’s my problem? Well I really liked the HDR 720, especially the guide plus feature. I cannot get on with the DVDR 3000 and am considering returning this to the store where I bought it.

My questions:

Is the HDR 720 still being manufactured? ie Has it been superceded by a new model? If so which one? If not what would you recomend?

Should I have contacted Phillips rather than the retailer?

What other Phillips HDD’s have Guide Plus?

If any one can help me I would be really greatful.